Selling A Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

People are wondering if it is the best time to sell a home during COVID-19. This unprecedented year may be a good time to take advantage of opportunities to market homes to people looking to relocate. Others may want to sell for financial reasons. With falling home prices, some are concerned about getting a good price for their home. If you research, you may be surprised at how the pandemic is affecting home sales in your area.  Professional Mortgage Solutions in Rego Park, NY is here to help you consider selling your home during COVID-19.

The Real Estate Market in COVID-19

As people look to move out of Manhattan in New York, some are saying Rego Park is still a hot market for sellers.  When you go to sell, check out the most recent data before you set a price on your home. Things certainly change quickly with this pandemic; be sure you work with someone who is following issues closely. Professional Mortgage Solutions is here to be your partner.

Marketing Your Home for Sale in COVID-19

Many want to take remote tours of your home, at least initially. Be sure to take many photos and videos that will entice people to come visit and put in an offer. Gone are the days of open houses, many are showing homes by appointment only. You can follow social distancing practices and serve refreshments that are pre-packaged. Some people even offer disposable gloves and booties for home tours, as well as hand sanitizer.

It is also wise to use tours to highlight any security features in your home. If your home is in an area with reduced COVID-19 exposure, make this well known. Many people are working remote, so be sure to feature any office spaces and ways to keep the home comfortable for work set-ups. The remote workforce may also present a wider pool of buyers from farther places. Be sure to market the home across many geographies.

The Art of Selling Your Home

The areas and neighborhoods that are seeing larger drop offs in home prices continue to fluctuate. Certain government stimulus efforts to help both struggling lenders and borrowers may improve and stabilize the market. Plus, these fluctuations in the market could lower interest rates for a while. However, as stated, this is a World subject to change. Some people may have to accept a different price than what they were hoping to get. This will depend on availability of low interest rates, as well.

Professional Mortgage Solutions is here to help you understand the nuances of selling your home in COVID-19. If you have questions, please contact our team in Rego Park, NY.