How Much Home Can I Afford Making $100,000 per Year?


Many people are seeing less income during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, fear not, owning a home could be more affordable, depending on where the market goes. Are you making at least $100,000 per year? We are seeing some great opportunities in the local area. If you plan your budget well, and do some research, now… [Read More]

How Does Your Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage Rate?

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If you want a good mortgage rate, better pay attention to your credit scores. Many things influence your score: your debts, your lines of credit, your behaviors as a borrower, and more. Depending on whether your score is high or low, you can secure a good mortgage if you have good finances. This week, Professional… [Read More]

FHA Refinancing


Loans provided by the Federal Housing Administration are usually affordable and come with great rates for an array of households. Despite this, some FHA customers want to refinance their loan and save even more money, especially now due to the impacts of COVID-19. There is a new process for FHA refinancing designed to be quick… [Read More]

VA Loan Refinance


VA Loans are a home mortgage that comes with many benefits for qualifying servicemembers. Professional Mortgage Solutions is here to help Rego Park, NY homeowners understand the requirements for VA Loans and get a sense of how and when to refinance a VA Loan. Read on below to understand more about VA Loans and refinancing… [Read More]

Investment Property Loans


Real estate investment can be very lucrative, and now may be a great time to start taking advantage of new properties on the market. Certain investors have non-traditional sources of income and will not qualify for a traditional mortgage program.  Luckily, there are streamlined investment property loans to help close deal quickly and make documentation… [Read More]

Self-Employed Home Loans

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In this week’s blog, Professional Mortgage Solutions in Rego Park, NY is here to share tips on using home loans if you’re self-employed. Many programs offer non-traditional underwriting using less common financial documentation for people who are entrepreneurs or self-employed. Some can simply use financial statements for their business and other assets to prove their… [Read More]

Advantages of a Reverse Mortgage


A reverse mortgage is a loan taken out of the equity in your home that you have raised over time. You may wonder: why take funds out of your home, especially if you have worked hard to pay off a mortgage? The answer is simple: Your home is and asset, and therefore can be a… [Read More]

Rate and Term Mortgage Refinancing


While having a mortgage, there can me many changes in your life or the market that have you wishing you could apply for a new type of loan. In this case, you cannot just wish away your mortgage, but you may be able to refinance. Most people end up refinancing the rates or the terms… [Read More]

Doctor Loans

5 bedroom home in Rego Park NY

Doctor Loans Are you a recent graduate from medical school who can’t buy a home because your student debt is too high, even though you’re working or have signed a contract to work in your field?  Don’t despair! You may be able to buy a home using a doctor loan, also known as a physician… [Read More]

Bank Statement Loans


For many who invest in homes, your financial history and income may be more difficult to review when a bank goes to underwrite your mortgages. Several types of loan programs look at credit scores, and W2s for more data on your financial stability. However, self-employed borrowers, for example, may not qualify for a traditional underwriting… [Read More]