Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)


Are you in a place where you feel you need additional cash flow and desire to make home repairs or consolidate down any debts?   Or, do you fear that the needs of your current financial picture will only drive debts higher? There may be a solution for you. Consider using a Home Equity Line of… [Read More]

Cash-Out Refinancing

4 bedroon home in Glendale NY

Cash-out refinancing is a mortgage taken from the equity in your home. It is usually used to cover needed repairs, pay off debts, or cover other major life expenses. You need to be sure that using cash-out refinancing is really the best way for you to cover these costs. After you’re done creating this loan,… [Read More]

First Time Homebuyer Programs

5 bedroom home in Rego Park NY

Professional Mortgage Solutions in Rego Park, NY is here to help great first-time homebuyer programs. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers some great loans tailored to the needs of a new homeowner.  Most of these loans come with low down payment thresholds and an applicant approval process—making buying a home more accessible. If you or… [Read More]

Construction Loans


Professional Mortgage Solutions provides top notch service for construction loans in Rego Park, NY. In this week’s blog post, we dive into the details of using these loans for home renovation or new construction. Learn all about how the process of using these funds may differ from a regular home mortgage. Construction Loans are Mortgages… [Read More]

Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans


Non-qualified Mortgage Loans or “Non-QM” Loans may sound odd, but they’re a perfectly viable financial product for an investor to use. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) sets the guidelines for “qualifying” mortgage. Non-qualified Mortgages do not follow the strict standards set by the CFPB. There are some great non-qualified mortgage options on the market for… [Read More]

Top Ten Things to do in Rego Park, New York


Are you looking to move into New York City and one of the Queens boroughs? The Rego Park neighborhood in Queens is among the top best places to live in the city. With ample attractions and schools, it is also family friendly. Rego Park was developed in the 1920s and remains a rich cultural community…. [Read More]

How Much Home Can I Afford Making $75,000 per Year?


You may be surprised to learn that owning a home could be more affordable than you think on your annual income. Though you will need to be careful and do your homework, there are a variety of ways to make homeownership possible. However, for expert advice, you should check with a professional. Each person’s situation… [Read More]

Conforming Loans


If you’re looking to get approved for a great mortgage in the Rego Park, NY area, then talk to the staff at Professional Mortgage Solutions. When you set out to find your dream home, you will need to understand the various mortgage programs available and compare rates. It is also important to understand whether your… [Read More]

Cash-Out Refinancing


Cash-out refinancing is a type of loan used to cover needed home repairs, pay down debts, or fund other major life expenses such as college. Your cash will come from borrowing against the equity that is currently in the home you own. It is important to learn the best time and way to use cash-out… [Read More]

VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility


Administered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, VA Loans are a home mortgage program with a lot of perks. If you qualify, then your dream of homeownership may be closer than you think. Before you can obtain a VA Loan, you must go through several steps to ensure that both you and the home you… [Read More]